Roots & Branches - Asheville, NC

Vegan Specialties & Baked Goods

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Roots & Branches - Vegan specialties and Baked Goods are part of 5 Tailgate Farmers Market in the Asheville area:
(Sat~9-12pm) Black Mountain Tailgate Market
(Sun~9-2pm) Greenlife Tailgate Market
(Mon~3-6pm) Hendersonville Coop Tailgate Market
(Tue~3:30-6:30pm) West Asheville Tailgate Market
(Wed~2-6pm) South Asheville Tailgate Market(Biltmore Park Town Square)

Support local growers & vendors...we would love to meet you!


  1. Just bought some of your Health Bars yesterday, and they were SO GOOD! I could live on those, and we'll definitely be looking for you all at the Tailgate Markets! Thanks for such wonderful offerings!

  2. Posted a link to your sites/a hearty recommendation for your goods on my blog...Love all that you bake! Just in case you wanted to check out the write up: